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On-demand, High-accuracy Audio Transcription Outsourcing Services

Obtain the highest quality of human-generated transcription for your audio files. Get 100% readability of transcript results based on your guidelines. Audio clips go through two levels of transcription to ensure the highest quality of output achieved at a fast turnaround time.

BUNCH allocates outsourced teams of linguists experienced in transcribing several types of audio clips and levels of audio quality.

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High-Accuracy Audio Transcription Outsourcing Services.
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Audio Transcription for Artificial Intelligence

The Role of Audio Transcription in Speech Recognition

Speech recognition has been a driving force behind many machine learning (ML) techniques. It is built into our phones, smart watches, smart TVs, cars, laptops, gaming consoles, and is even installed in our homes.

Audio transcription plays a big role in providing accurate data for these speech recognition models to recognize human voices, understand what they mean, predict words and sentences, and effectively communicate with humans. As speech recognition continues to reach 99% accuracy, it will eventually become our primary method of communicating with computers.

Understanding the Importance Of Accurate Data

Accurate training data is the backbone of artificial intelligence. It affects the overall performance of AI-based models. While translating speech to text sounds like an easy task where one transcribes spoken language into written text, it is important to note that the human language is a complicated set of nuances. Accent, dialect, interjections, tone and mannerisms are some nuances that influence the way words and sentences are meant.

Scenarios in which audio is recorded are not always clear or ideal. It takes extreme attention to detail and high-level skills to accurately decipher spoken language with background noise, multiple speakers overlapping each other, pauses, speakers with different accents, effects of connectivity issues on recorded calls, and a lot more.

Human-generated audio transcription ensures that machines are fed with high-accuracy and precise transcript results that enable them to understand spoken language in different scenarios. This ensures that speech recognition models provide the best overall end-user experience.

High-quality Transcription Results Is Our Priority

BUNCH allocates teams of transcription experts experienced in handling different types of audio files. This includes recorded customer support calls, dissertations, interviews, seminars, webinars, lectures, podcasts, and a lot more. Through rigorous training and constant feedback, our transcribers are equipped to handle hundreds to thousands of hours of audio clips to meet your deadlines without compromising quality.

Readability is the most important factor in transcription results. Our teams provide 100% quality rate based on predetermined scenarios and guidelines such as accent, ambiguity, noise, and other factors defined in your requirements. Accuracy and readability are measured based on the overall quality of effective audio. Effective audio is when we identify and discard irrelevant parts in audio clips such as long pauses, noise, or any nuance that is unrelated to spoken language.

Our outsourced teams provide the highest quality of transcript results that go through several levels of quality assurance and verification. At BUNCH, we learn about your company, your products and services in order for us to deliver meaningful transcriptions that add value to your audio clips. We work with the highest accuracy standards and an unmatched commitment to your deadlines.

Scenario: What type of Content Moderation tasks could you outsource


Moderating articles, images, audio and videos requires a lot of time and resources. Screening, monitoring and approving these forms of media happen around the clock. 

Taking YouTube as an example, when someone uploads a clip there is a human element of moderation which aids in determining whether the uploaded video is good to go or not. Also, the implications of not moderating content will prove to be negative.


Our experienced Content Moderation specialists can fill any gaps in your work process. You can initially build a small team and later expand if necessary. Content Moderation applies to many forms of media and you can split your work load by setting up support teams based on the moderated media - or however way you prefer. 

Whether you need a general content moderation team to support your operations because of a high workload or to outsource certain parts of the process, BUNCH will help your business move forward.


Scenario: Help your business meet deadlines faster


The content moderation process can be smooth and trouble-free, but with the ever growing landscape of social media and internet content distribution, the volume of that needs to be moderated, real-time is always on the increase. 

Which is why your clients rely on you to moderate their content, failing to do so (including not meeting deadlines) could give your business a bad impression for your clients.


By hiring dedicated content moderation specialists you will meet your deadlines faster. Our agents will comply with your client standards, oversee content for accuracy, errors and other filters. 

Adding cost-effective specialists to your current setup will prove beneficial in the long run. Start off with a small team which can later expand to a larger team.


Audio Transcription Services Pricing

We reinvented the outsourcing model with flexibility in mind. If you have a recurrent need for image annotation, we set up a fully dedicated team for you, or we can also work on a project basis.
$900 to $1,150 /mo

A full-time dedicated transcriptionist
Complimentary QA audits
Custom shifts

from $0.10 /min

High accuracy
Instant scalability
Committed to your deadlines

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