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Data Annotation for AI

Obtain high-accuracy structured data for your AI and Machine Learning models, and other data needs. Get consistent high-quality data at a massive scale.

BUNCH allocates teams of highly-skilled annotators trained to handle all types of data - text, images, audio and videos. We secure the highest quality of annotation results through double-pass annotation techniques and strict QA implementation.

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High-Precision Data Annotation Outsourcing Services.
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Outsourced Data Annotators

Access Large-Scale, High-Accuracy Data

One of the biggest challenges to implement AI projects into fruition is insufficient volume and quality of training data. At BUNCH, we allocate highly trained annotation teams to help AI companies overcome complex data challenges, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs through data annotation outsourcing services. Our annotation teams ensure that training data is produced at the required scale and quality.

Machine Learning requires vast amounts of data to learn continuously. Our highest priority is to ensure the quality of data powering your machines. We seamlessly integrate with your AI strategy and data annotation objectives to train your ML algorithms.

Ensure Data Quality For Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence models are continuously shaping the future. From our homes to healthcare, AI continues to redefine how humans live and interact with the world. With the rise of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri to the unstoppable innovations in self-driving cars, a lot of enterprises continue to drive this to a future where AI changes how information is collected and analyzed to predict better outcomes.

We collect, structure and enrich large amounts of data by adding meaningful metadata with rich and accurate information. Your data is properly structured through strict QA and double-pass annotation techniques to provide consistent high-accuracy data. With BUNCH, having access to the highest levels of accuracy of human-annotated data is your biggest competitive advantage.

Accelerate Your AI and Machine Learning Initiatives

Data annotation is critical to scaling your Machine Learning projects. This serves as your foundation for training a Machine Learning model with what it needs to understand various inputs to come up with high quality outputs. Accurate and consistent data play a key role in driving breakthroughs in the AI world. Now, AI-based machines are used to empower self-driving cars, detect malignant tumors and cancer cells, recognize speech in multiple languages, and predict movements of objects or humans around it.

In order to support the high demands for delivering the highest quality of data outputs at the fastest time possible, we designed our processes to be instantly scalable and trained our annotation teams to handle high-volume data at unparalleled accuracy and efficiency standards.

The Advantage of Human Expertise in Machine Learning

A huge part in implementing AI projects is preparing and annotating data at a large scale. Minor inconsistencies in data are proven to affect the overall performance of your ML models. Data annotation relies on how close something is to the truth. Our annotators are skilled in understanding intent, handling ambiguity, and managing subjectivity in data annotation. There is so much information hidden in images, audio, video, and text that can be analyzed and processed to improve the accuracy of outputs of AI-based models.

There are many different types of data annotation that our teams are proficient in. It includes image and video annotation, semantic image segmentation, audio transcription, text categorization and classification, sentiment analysis, data categorization, and many others. Human expertise is required to identify and label specific types of data and its attributes. Without these labels, ML algorithms will not be effective and accurate.

BUNCH allocates experienced annotators to handle all types of data whether text, audio, image, video or any form of data you need to train your Machine Learning models. Our annotation teams converts unstructured, raw data into structured, highly-valuable and high-accuracy data, at scale. We produce the highest quality of human-annotated data to improve the accuracy of outputs of your Machine Learning models.

Some Of The Data Annotation Techniques We Master

Video Annotation

Adding labels or metadata on objects of interest in video files, frames, and still images

Image Annotation

Human-powered image annotations used to provide training data for computer vision

Text Annotation

Labeling, classification and analysis of text and the identification of the relationship between words

Data Labeling

Organize and label collected data.

Audio Transcription

Obtain the highest quality of transcript results for audio files

Sentiment Analysis

Analysis of human opinions, sentiments, emotions, and attitudes from text, images, or video


Scenario: What type of Content Moderation tasks could you outsource


Moderating articles, images, audio and videos requires a lot of time and resources. Screening, monitoring and approving these forms of media happen around the clock. 

Taking YouTube as an example, when someone uploads a clip there is a human element of moderation which aids in determining whether the uploaded video is good to go or not. Also, the implications of not moderating content will prove to be negative.


Our experienced Content Moderation specialists can fill any gaps in your work process. You can initially build a small team and later expand if necessary. Content Moderation applies to many forms of media and you can split your work load by setting up support teams based on the moderated media - or however way you prefer. 

Whether you need a general content moderation team to support your operations because of a high workload or to outsource certain parts of the process, BUNCH will help your business move forward.


Scenario: Help your business meet deadlines faster


The content moderation process can be smooth and trouble-free, but with the ever growing landscape of social media and internet content distribution, the volume of that needs to be moderated, real-time is always on the increase. 

Which is why your clients rely on you to moderate their content, failing to do so (including not meeting deadlines) could give your business a bad impression for your clients.


By hiring dedicated content moderation specialists you will meet your deadlines faster. Our agents will comply with your client standards, oversee content for accuracy, errors and other filters. 

Adding cost-effective specialists to your current setup will prove beneficial in the long run. Start off with a small team which can later expand to a larger team.


Data Annotation Services Pricing

We reinvented the outsourcing model with flexibility in mind. If you have a recurrent need for image annotation, we set up a fully dedicated team for you, or we can also work on a project basis.
$900 to $1,350 /mo

A full-time dedicated annotator
Complimentary QA audits
Custom shifts

from $0.01 /annotation

High accuracy
Instant scalability
Committed to your deadlines

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