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High-accuracy Video Moderation Outsourcing Services, at Scale

Video Moderation

Enforce your moderation guidelines on any volume of video content with highly experienced video moderation teams. We handle 24/7 moderation on multiple video-sharing platforms and arrange custom shifts to support your volume peaks.

Moderate and categorize video content with zero backlogs. BUNCH allocates highly-skilled video moderators trained to meet the most challenging turnaround times. We handle real-time video moderation, frame-by-frame moderation, and moderation for video-sharing apps.

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Fully Managed Video Moderation Outsourcing Services.
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Video Moderation Team

Video Moderation Services We Master

Our video moderation teams are experienced in different types and levels of video moderation. Our exposure to different types of videos enables us to deliver the highest quality of work. Our top services include live moderation, frame-by-frame moderation, and moderation for video-sharing apps. We are open to any type of video moderation needs.

24/7 Live Cam Moderation

Live video sharing happens every second at any time zone. Minimize the impact of negative and harmful video content to your online community through around-the-clock live cam moderation.

Frame-by-frame Moderation

Review and remove frames that are not aligned with your community guidelines. We ensure that your videos are reviewed frame-by-frame, not just in its entirety.

Moderation for Video-Sharing Platforms

User-generated videos made on video creation and video-sharing apps and websites such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are reviewed by 24/7 video moderators.

Mobile Video Apps Moderation

Handle large volumes of videos created and shared on mobiles such as live videos or short videos on video-sharing mobile apps.

Flagged Videos Moderation

Monitor the occurrence of flagged or reported videos on your online platform. Understand the intent behind the reported video to improve your community guidelines.

Video Content Tagging

Effectively tag and label video content, intent, and comments on videos. This provides internal business intelligence that strengthens sales and marketing, customer service, and product development teams.

We support any kind of moderation beyond the regular range of competencies to every unconventional video moderation need.

Levels of Video Moderation

Our video moderation services include different levels of moderation to cater to dynamic needs. This includes end-to-end moderation to structuring data such as text, images, or audio in your video content and restructuring them back into a video.

End-to-End Moderation

Review entire videos for content violations from start to finish including image and audio elements, video intent, tags, and subtitles. Our proactive feedback loops and intensive training ensure high-quality and accurate moderation results.

Still-Image Moderation

Capture and review still images at predetermined intervals from any type of video content.

Structuring Video Data

Improve your website’s visibility on search results by creating metadata, tagging interests, and categorizing topics in your videos.

Video Transcription

Drive more traffic to your videos. Transcribing video content allows search engines to index and understand your video thus enabling you to reach more people through search intent.

Scenario: What type of Content Moderation tasks could you outsource


Moderating articles, images, audio and videos requires a lot of time and resources. Screening, monitoring and approving these forms of media happen around the clock. 

Taking YouTube as an example, when someone uploads a clip there is a human element of moderation which aids in determining whether the uploaded video is good to go or not. Also, the implications of not moderating content will prove to be negative.


Our experienced Content Moderation specialists can fill any gaps in your work process. You can initially build a small team and later expand if necessary. Content Moderation applies to many forms of media and you can split your work load by setting up support teams based on the moderated media - or however way you prefer. 

Whether you need a general content moderation team to support your operations because of a high workload or to outsource certain parts of the process, BUNCH will help your business move forward.


Scenario: Help your business meet deadlines faster


The content moderation process can be smooth and trouble-free, but with the ever growing landscape of social media and internet content distribution, the volume of that needs to be moderated, real-time is always on the increase. 

Which is why your clients rely on you to moderate their content, failing to do so (including not meeting deadlines) could give your business a bad impression for your clients.


By hiring dedicated content moderation specialists you will meet your deadlines faster. Our agents will comply with your client standards, oversee content for accuracy, errors and other filters. 

Adding cost-effective specialists to your current setup will prove beneficial in the long run. Start off with a small team which can later expand to a larger team.


Video Moderation Services Pricing

We reinvented the outsourcing model with flexibility in mind. If you have a recurrent need for image annotation, we set up a fully dedicated team for you, or we can also work on a project basis.
$999 to $1,800 /mo

A full-time dedicated specialist
Fully Managed
Custom shifts

Starting at $2,000 /mo

Wide range of tickets volume
Upscale & downscale fast
Lowest AHT

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We compete in flexibility, instant scalability and consistent productivity. Our moderation teams are trained by tech professionals who know your pains and understand the help that you need. Tell us more about your challenges and we will send you a custom proposal in less than 24 hours.

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