Data Labeling Outsourcing

Data Labeling for AI
For Artificial Intelligence (AI)

High-Accuracy Data Labeling at Scale

Our experienced annotators are ready to accommodate your short-term and long-term data labeling requirements.

We classify data such as images, video, text, audio, and social media posts and comments. We label an unlimited number of classes in your metadata attribution process.

Our annotators are fully equipped to handle thousands to millions of annotations per month and make sure that our work is top-notch with a complimentary Quality Assurance (QA) program.

We can also set up a dedicated team of full-time specialists to assist in your Machine Learning (ML) programs for large-scale projects.

Case Study: Sentiment Analysis of News Items


Understanding the sentiment of users, followers, or audience at scale is key for media networks, publishers, and social media platforms.

Our specialists meticulously analyze and interpret from technical to social content and make analytical decisions following your content guidelines.

Our Human-in-the-Loop identifies facts, detect explicit and implicit opinions, and are able to classify sentences following polarity categorization — positive, neutral, negative, and even sarcastic content.

BUNCH counts on in-house college graduates from different backgrounds able to understand technical, political, and financial news content.

Data Labeling Pricing

We reinvented the outsourcing model. Pay a single invoice a month including Talent Recruiting, Training, Equipment, Reporting and Headcount. All in.
full time specialist
$950 to $1,150 /mo

A full dedicated specialist
Part of your team
Custom shifts

per project
from $0.01 /data point

Timely delivery
We adapt to you
High capacity

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Get your data labeling done. At scale. On time.

We only work with in-house specialists, a set-up that enables instant team scalability, pixel-perfect accuracy level, complete compliance with your guidelines, and an unmatched commitment to deadlines.

Our Annotators Learn and Master Your Annotation Dashboard

We adapt and work with your existing dashboard. We currently work with dozens of different platforms developed by our clients, and continuously suggest UX improvements in order to maximize our annotators’ productivity.

Your Data Is Yours

We permanently delete your datasets upon completion of milestones and our in-house team is under strict NDA to protect your business confidentiality.

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