Community Management Outsourcing

For Blockchain & Crypto Companies

Why communities are key in the Crypto Space?

Unlike other industries, Blockchain and Crypto weren't born in the dungeons of a corporation. Crypto was coined, expanded and demorcatized by communities from its very beginning.

In the Crypto Space, product validation is inherently social. Most marketing in this niche is completely social, nurtured in online communities. Even fundraising is entirely social — see the boom of ICOs.

There are many chances available and, honestly, not all of them will work for you, and you should not invest in all of them. Choose wisely.

What are the leading community channels to market your product?

Have a look into the most popular community channels available and find out what fits you better:

How can BUNCH help you get the most of your community?

We count with community managers and content creators specialized in Blockchain and crypto with large experience in the industry, from ICO launch to industry-wide marketing tactics. We will help you to design your strategy, choose the right channels, and engage with the community around the clock.

Our teams are active strictly 24/7, ready to moderate content, enforce community guidelines, engage with members and maintain a content deployment agenda to keep your community active. Get your brand the highest visibility in the crypto space.


Pros and Cons of every community channel

As said, not all channels are for you. Keep in mind that acquisition costs, engagement levels and out comes are radically different between community channels:

What channels do you need to meet and exceed your community engagement goals?

Before working together, we encourage and help our clients to understand the opportunities, benefits and challenges of each channel for their Blockchain/crypto product. BUNCH developed a guide of recommendations and best practices collected by our crypto experts:

Let’s get started managing your community

We make business personal. Share your challenges with us and we'll craft a custom proposal for your company.

All our Blockchain and Crypto community management specialists are well-versed in Blockchain speak and work in-house at BUNCH premises.

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