Keypoint Annotation Outsourcing Services

On-Demand, High-Accuracy Keypoint Annotation Services at Scale

Obtain large amounts of high-accuracy keypoint annotation outputs for your Machine Learning (ML) models. BUNCH allocates experienced annotators to accurately define custom shapes and plot keypoints at specified locations on figures such as the face, human bodies, and parts of an object.

Our highly trained annotation teams deliver the highest standards of accuracy for human-annotated data through strict QA and double-pass annotation techniques.

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High-Precision Keypoint Annotation Outsourcing Services.
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Content Moderation Outsourcing

High-Precision Keypoint Annotation For Machine Learning

Keypoint annotation, also known as landmark annotation, is used to define shape variations and detect small objects. By accurately plotting a sequence of points, our experienced annotators ensure high-accuracy annotation results to train machines to recognize smaller objects and its attributes.

The Importance of High-Precision Keypoint Annotation

In order to ensure that ML and AI-based models perform at the highest level, it should be trained by large amounts of high-accuracy data. Our intensive exposure to several cases that require keypoint annotation has developed our ability to provide the highest quality of annotation results.

In some cases, keypoint annotation also includes sentiment analysis and prediction of human movements that requires a high-level of accuracy of keypoints.

Keypoint Annotation for Facial Recognition and Movement Prediction

Facial recognition is used in several cases such as surveillance and security, mobile apps, video-tracking models, autonomous vehicles, and many more. These models accurately recognize human faces with age, ethnicity, angle, lighting and other external factors.

Facial Recognition and Emotion Detection

Various keypoint annotation techniques enable machines to recognize the human face through computer vision. By accurately plotting dots or keypoints to measure face dimensions and identify facial features and expressions, these help machines detect human emotions.

Gesture Labeling for Tracking and Movement Prediction

Keypoint annotation is also used to mark body parts, human poses, and gestures on a sequence of distinctive points for gesture detection and movement prediction. Our annotation teams accurately plot these points for machines to estimate human poses while in motion.

Keypoint Annotation for Performance Analysis

Video tracking models for performance analysis are widely used for sports analytics. Keypoint or landmark annotation is used to detect athletes' bodies and estimate their poses with accuracy. Landmarking with different points helps machine learning models to estimate the posture of the athlete while on the move. Video analysis is crucial to identify weaknesses, predict injuries, and helps discover rooms for improvement for ultimate performance.

Have the confidence that your machine learning models are trained with consistent high-accuracy keypoint annotation. Through rigorous QA and double-pass annotation techniques, we ensure that our annotation teams deliver the highest quality of human-annotated images.

Scenario: What type of Content Moderation tasks could you outsource


Moderating articles, images, audio and videos requires a lot of time and resources. Screening, monitoring and approving these forms of media happen around the clock. 

Taking YouTube as an example, when someone uploads a clip there is a human element of moderation which aids in determining whether the uploaded video is good to go or not. Also, the implications of not moderating content will prove to be negative.


Our experienced Content Moderation specialists can fill any gaps in your work process. You can initially build a small team and later expand if necessary. Content Moderation applies to many forms of media and you can split your work load by setting up support teams based on the moderated media - or however way you prefer. 

Whether you need a general content moderation team to support your operations because of a high workload or to outsource certain parts of the process, BUNCH will help your business move forward.


Scenario: Help your business meet deadlines faster


The content moderation process can be smooth and trouble-free, but with the ever growing landscape of social media and internet content distribution, the volume of that needs to be moderated, real-time is always on the increase. 

Which is why your clients rely on you to moderate their content, failing to do so (including not meeting deadlines) could give your business a bad impression for your clients.


By hiring dedicated content moderation specialists you will meet your deadlines faster. Our agents will comply with your client standards, oversee content for accuracy, errors and other filters. 

Adding cost-effective specialists to your current setup will prove beneficial in the long run. Start off with a small team which can later expand to a larger team.


Keypoint Annotation Services Pricing

We reinvented the outsourcing model with flexibility in mind. If you have a recurrent need for image annotation, we set up a fully dedicated team for you, or we can also work on a project basis.
$900 to $1,150 /mo

A full-time dedicated annotator
Complimentary QA audits
Custom shifts

from $0.001 /keypoint

High accuracy
Instant scalability
Committed to your deadlines

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