The Definite Guide Every Blockchain Project Needs to Building an Engaging Community on Discord

By: Den Tallada
Blockchain Tech Specialist at BUNCH
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Discord is a free voice and chat app initially designed for gamers and developers but due to its unique features, it is becoming the trendy channel to host blockchain and crypto communities. The platform is also considered more secure and efficient than others since it is composed of individuals who are more knowledgeable in the technical aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

An active presence on Discord will help improve crypto name recognition. This leads to being increasingly popular within the investment and developer community.

The Birth of Discord

Released in May 2015, Discord was originally designed for gaming communities to interact via text and audio channels but its outstanding security features appeal to people in the crypto space. Most projects take advantage of Discord’s features to send bits and pieces of codes for their team or community to work together, give their feedback, and make suggestions.

Instead of a “group,” a community on Discord is called a “server.” Anyone on Discord can create his own server as long as he is prepared to do the moderation, enforcement of guidelines, and building the community into a healthy environment that hosts meaningful discussions. Servers can be subdivided into "channels" for a more organized community. Channels are created for specific topics. It can also be restricted to certain users at moderators' discretion.

How Discord Helps You Top the Crypto Space

Despite its initial focus on the gaming industry, Discord was used in other sectors like politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and recently, cryptocurrency. The gaming world and the cryptocurrency space share many things and both benefit from easy real-time communication. Discord's razor-sharp user experience design and slick user interface did the rest.

1. Target Relevant Audiences

A presence on Discord means exposure to a specific audience in the crypto space - developers. Somehow, some developers prefer Discord when choosing blockchain communities because its simple UX and feedback process make it easier to use. Devs can send fractions of their codes to solicit feedback from a project’s team members and fellow developers.

2. Obtain Direct Feedback

Your blockchain project can get valuable ideas and suggestions from experienced developers and people in academics through Discord, but of course, it's not just direct feedback that you're getting. Being able to engage in discussions with the experts provide your project an advantage over its competitors. The ideas you've accumulated can be applied to your blockchain project, giving it higher chances of advancing to the crypto space.

3. Cultivate a Trusted Environment

A team that is serious in building an industry-disrupting tech and gravitate towards Discord is exactly what developers look for in emerging blockchain projects. It's because developers know that a team which builds its own server on Discord is eager to connect to the developer community in the crypto space, and that alone already gives your project a good impression.

Best Ways to Upgrade Your Brand with Discord

Not everybody needs to be on Discord, but if you choose to be, do it well. You will have the opportunity to interact with certain niches and offer them a richer experience compared to other “colder” channels. Here’s how you can effectively use Discord to your project’s advantage:

Step 1. Create Your Own Server

Discord app runs on so-called servers, the technical host of the community. Every blockchain community on Discord is expected to host its own server. It is also recommended to create channels for specific discussions such as roadmaps, tokenomics, technical discourses, airdrops, bounty programs, announcements, etc. This way, community members would be guided on where to drop their questions or suggestions according to the specific category.

It is also important to give individuals a reason to join your community and prove why it will be a valuable move for them. Determine the purpose of your community: what you want to use it for, the people you want to see in it, and its role on your project.

Step 2. Gather Loyal Supporters

Once the purpose of your community is determined and your community is running, you want to make other individuals aware that your community exists and that it is a community they want to be a part of. You will find it beneficial to promote your Discord server through your other communication and social media platforms. Without a doubt, cross-channel tactics are the key on Discord.

Step 3. Keep Your Server Organized

Subchannels keep a Discord server in order. Subchannels are subgroups in a server created for discussions of specific topics. You can set permissions to certain channels to make sure that only those who are allowed to be in that channel will be able to join the conversations in it. It is a way to keep conversations organized and the platform neat.

Step 4. Drag Your Channels In

Discord is not recommended to be the main host for the community of your cryptocurrency or blockchain project, but it has the potential of being a great add-on. Drag users from your other communities like Telegram, test features, and engagement techniques. Techniques such as polls, AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews, media resources creation contest, meme competition, etc. may be done and see where your community feels the most comfortable.

Step 5. Be Available Every Minute

Having a team moderating your server is highly recommended on Discord since cryptocurrency/blockchain communities are global. You would want to let your community know that you are always there should they need assistance with anything.

Wrapping It All Up

Because of their nature, some blockchain communities feel comfortable using Discord, while some prefer to be on Telegram, and there are others that are not at all inclined to be on messaging applications but are very active on website-based platforms like Medium, Quora, or Reddit. Our suggestion is to test the waters with your audience and measure the results. You can then focus your attention on the channel that produced better results where your community members feel more comfortable and well-engaged.

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