Build the Community of Your Crypto Project from the Bottom up with Product Hunt

By: Patty Arro
Blockchain Tech Specialist at BUNCH
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Product Hunt Defined

Product Hunt is the fast-growing product discovery portal which highlights the hottest product launches in the tech space. Today, it is the go-to place for tech enthusiasts, early adopters, developers, and hardcore users who want to explore new products and, more than often, early bird discounts and promos. Product Hunt daily curates apps, gadgets, plug-ins, and digital platforms from industries like productivity, entertainment, and lifestyle. Your blockchain project will greatly take advantage of Product Hunt’s credibility.

Product Hunt is a new way of attracting early adopters. It is the only platform for finding new gems in the tech world. Its traffic has grown 50% each month for the last 12 months. It drives 2 million visits on the products featured on its leaderboard, the place to discover, learn, and get your product launched.

Getting featured on Product Hunt is a great way to kick-start a product — especially for new app developers or entrepreneurs with a hot new piece of tech product.

Product Hunt from Past to Present

Product Hunt started as an email list on November 2013 until it announced that it was being supported by Y Combinator, a popular incubator from California funding the early stage of tech startups. Y Combinator helps launch and invests in a large number of startups twice a year.

The first version of Product Hunt was being established in 2013 while also developing a strong community for a new version of Product Hunt. In 2014, the company raised $6.1 million for its significant round of venture capital financing. In 2017, it launched Ship, a suite of tools for makers to generate demand for the products they create. It also released Sip in 2018, a new tech news aggregator app to deliver daily tech and news stories through their mobile app.

Product Hunt in Action

  • 1.  The first step is to apply your product. Any project can be applied and it will be curated by Product Hunt’s curation team. Applying does not guarantee that your product will be featured because the competition is tough. Product Hunt promotes only those feature-worthy products so they favor products with certain standards, strong identity, growth potential, and impact.

  • 2.  Once selected, Product Hunt will publish the product in their email list which is very popular until today.

  • 3.  Look after the upvotes. The Product Hunt community upvotes products they like and find useful, so it’s extremely important to build something extraordinary and communicate its value very well to the world.

Meet the Extraordinary

Product Hunt has a high-standard community which is composed of the following:

Early adopters


It’s a huge advantage once your blockchain project is exposed to these kinds of community.

Product Hunt Features That Make You Stand Out in the Crypto Space

Product Hunt is relevant to product launches. When you schedule your blockchain project’s marketing events, add Product Hunt to the list of the most important online launches because being featured in Product Hunt signifies that your crypto project is competitive enough to handle the intricate process of getting in.

Product Hunt guarantees direct exposure to thousands and millions of trend hunters and tech experts who are honest about their feedback and genuinely help you improve your product.

Outstanding Strategies You Can Do with Product Hunt

Step 1: Pre-Production

The best way to get started is for you to read the official Product Hunt resources. Read the primary recommendations which include familiarizing yourself to Product Hunt, community involvement, and especially proper scheduling of your product launch for maximum impact.

Make sure you shape your product well. A well-designed identity, straightforward tagline and explanation, and entertaining informational videos will catch the attention of the curators and improve your chances to be recognized in the whole Product Hunt community and blockchain industry.

Submit everything on their list. It will get more attention if you have animated icons, logo, complete documentation to your platform, and any other fancy asset you can provide. After all, your product has to shine in the crowd!

Step 2. Get Selected

You did all you can to highlight your product. Be patient, and… be lucky!

Step 3. Share It!

Once you have been selected, it's the perfect time to heighten the momentum. Product Hunt is a very time-sensitive platform so you have to act fast and smart. Here's how:

Make sure your product is being posted to all your social media platforms on a different schedule because you have to keep a constant growth strategy in exposing your product. Plan your posts in each community based on the number of members and different time zones.

Always add a button with visible call-to-action to increase subscribers on Product Hunt.

Posts about your product must be different for each channel because every social media platform has a different kind of community. Always highlight your product’s key features and its benefits to people or organizations.

Get other users to upvote your product, leave comments, and interact. This will give you the visibility you need and if all goes well, the virality you have always dreamed about.

Step 4. Comments and Discussions

In Product Hunt, there are only direct and genuine discussions because the community themselves include tech-savvy developers, geeks, experts, and founders. They are only concerned about what the product can offer and its impact. There’s a big chance that these people are also into blockchain and cryptocurrency because of their similarity in interests.

Product Hunt as Legitimacy Proof

Being featured in Product Hunt will make your product benefit and enjoy the initial momentum. Digital media platforms, influencers, or bloggers can create the buzz for you and talk about your product throughout the cyberspace. Product Hunt’s image is tied-up with quality and expertise. Take note that not all blockchain projects are being listed on Product Hunt, and being featured will give a promising impression to both blockchain and Product Hunt communities.


It might take months to meet all the requirements and achieve your goal to be featured, but remember that being promoted in Product Hunt is one big step ahead from your competitors towards exposing your blockchain project to its industry, as well as to crypto space.

So, do you think your product has a huge potential and is very useful in this generation? Will it stand out among all the new and fresh ideas in the cyberspace? Do you 100% believe that it’s worth being known and talked about? Then Product Hunt will serve you the answers. Let’s talk about it.

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