The Blockchain Experts's Guide to Building a Community on Reddit

By: Oj Rogero
Blockchain Tech Specialist at BUNCH
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Reddit is an American, community-driven social news platform where users create threads or discussions using subreddits. Known as the “front page of the Internet," one can get a collection of recent updates, news, fun stories, pictures, memes and videos on the Internet. This guide will teach you about Reddit, its background, benefits, and its usage so that your blockchain company will gain attention from its users and increase traffic.

Reddit as the “front page of the Internet” is a collection of recent updates, news, fun stories, pictures, memes and videos on the Internet. Because the site is composed of thousands of discussion boards known as subreddits, blockchain companies are using Reddit to search for specific topics, attract members, and increase traffic or brand exposure.

A Quick Tour on Reddit’s Journey

Reddit was founded in 2005 by roommates Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, which focused on news and ideas. One of Y Combinator’s co-founders, Paul Graham, got impressed by the idea and asked them to join the company. Both worked day and night on the first version of Reddit and eventually launched it after three weeks. After it was launched, Paul published an essay on his influential personal website and linked it to Reddit, causing an increase in traffic. Weeks later they created news sites and fake accounts to drive more traffic and even asked friends to post whatever articles, topics or contents they have in mind.

The website experienced a lot of scrutiny of being a “copycat” and was seen as a viable competitor because of its increasing popularity. Reddit introduced the option to post comments on its website by the end of 2005. Then early in 2008, a new feature called subbredit was added which differentiated Reddit from its competitors. A subreddit allows users to share pictures, contents or memes. This feature created more traffic and increased monthly users on the platform. Reddit then became “the front page of the Internet." It became one of the biggest communities on the Internet. A lot of its features are loved by its vast users like posting links and texts on their dashboards which can be constantly upvoted or downvoted by the community.

The name "Reddit" comes from the phrase "read it." Its dashboard is like a bulletin type system which is divided into subcategories called “subreddit” that usually starts with r/. With 500+ million monthly visitors, it earned the spot as the 3rd most visited website in the US and 6th in the whole world. Most of its users come from the US, UK, and Canada.

Unique Reddit Features

4 Unmatched Advantages You Get with Reddit That Makes It Your Best Choice for Community Building

1. Building Your Network and Community

Know your users' interest and create subreddits that will catch their attention. Knowing what type of discussion your users want will increase user interaction and eventually make your subreddit popular. Having a popular subreddit will build you a large network of users and will grow your community.

2. Increase Traffic

Reddit can increase your website’s traffic by clearly identifying the purpose of your subreddit and creating helpful links in a fun way.

3. Niche Discovery

Blockchain enthusiasts always want to know the latest trends and news in the crypto market. Using Reddit’s news and calendar will keep your followers up to date and displaying them real-time will immediately inform your followers of the recent crypto news relevant to them.

4. Building Credibility and Community Engagement Through AMAs

AMAs allow members to ask you questions about your company through the question-and-answer interaction and engagement between you and your community. Not only that, with the answers you provided, they will eliminate the gap and doubt about your product and will build your credibility in the crypto space.

How to Get the Most and the Best out of Reddit

Reddit is a great place for reaching out to users, blockchain enthusiasts, and blockchain communities. Below are practices and strategies on how to use Reddit for your blockchain company.

  • Create and set up a Reddit account

    Create and set up your company’s Reddit account with links to your website or the team’s LinkedIn accounts. Make it as humane as possible (and to avoid getting your account banned of promotional contents). Just a few but discreet background of what your blockchain company is will do.

  • Create the right subreddit for your target audience

    From different subreddits, you can choose a specific niche for your target audience that can engage users and generate traffic. An experienced user will always search for subreddits focusing on a specific niche that interests them. Creating the right subreddit or content about your blockchain company based on specific niche will narrow the search criteria and users will easily find your content.

  • Interact with other users and other subreddits

    It is always best to work with other users or other subreddits to increase your product’s brand especially if subreddits have a large number of loyal followers. They know the latest hype for industries like the latest blockchain projects. Interacting with them by posting comments and somehow giving relevant information about your company (when needed) would help promote your product platform.

  • Create momentum using seed accounts

    Your first subreddit posted will not always get notices. Using seed accounts and posting comments on your threads will slowly generate organic engagement.

  • Drive traffic to and from other channels

    You can provide links for your other channels to drive traffic.

  • Host AMAs

    Hosting AMAs will give legitimacy and transparency. Through the engagement, this will give opportunities for users and they will give trust to your company in return. Community members will get immediate answers which also allow organic, real-time discussions with your audience.

  • Real-time company updates

    Reddit has been around for a decade now and has a large number of members. You can submit contents that are relevant to your community. Because the site is composed of thousands of discussion boards, blockchain companies use Reddit to search for a specific topic, attract members, and increase traffic or brand exposure.


In spite of its ups and downs, it’s diverse user demographics, uneven and seasonal activity, and community threats like spammers and shillers, engagement on Telegram is a must for blockchain/cryptocurrency projects since it is the go-to place to learn, engage, participate, invest and, support a product.

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