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By: Phoebe Bandoy
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You might not have yet considered Twitter as a main channel when designing your launch strategy, but Twitter has the potential to make your project known to a larger number of audience considering its user base compared to other crypto channels such as Telegram, Medium, and Facebook. Twitter is, in fact, one of the biggest social media platforms that is being utilized in promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, crypto projects, and other blockchain-related initiatives.

Twitter is actually where the most influential people in crypto space can be found. ICO projects also use this channel to make announcements about the project, promote bounty campaigns, and spread general news. Twitter has a large number of users so it also drives traffic to other crypto community channels. Virality is one of Twitter’s unique features that makes it an effective marketing platform.

Get to Know Twitter from Day One

Just like many other startups and channels, Twitter also has its humble beginning story of how it started and how it continuously grows its user base. With its popularity, it eventually became one of the largest social media channels that everyone use which presents so many opportunities to gain traction for growing businesses like crypto-related or ICO projects.

Twitter started as an idea of an SMS-based communications platform of co-founder Jack Dorsey in 2006. It encourages the idea of being able to keep tabs on what each other were doing based on their status updates. Dorsey proposed this SMS-based platform to Odeo’s co-founder, Evan Williams, and together with his co-founder, Biz Stone, they let Dorsey develop it further. It was initially referred to as twttr. Meanwhile, software developer Noah Glass is credited for coming up with the original name and eventually the final name, Twitter.

It is a platform to find out what’s happening in the world. Twitter now has over 328 million monthly active users around the world who consume, create, and share information. Given its Monthly Active Users (MAU), presence on Twitter means visibility in the crypto space.

More of Twitter

Discussions related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and investment outlook grow over the years on Twitter. Thus, it has become a place to be informed about the latest news in the crypto space. It gives an opportunity for boosting marketing efforts. Here are some of the features of Twitter that a cryptocurrency project can utilize for ICO marketing:

  • 1. Tweets. Twitter is a public social networking and an online news site that allows its users to communicate in short messages called tweets. Twitter users can broadcast their tweets and follow other user’s tweet by using multiple platforms and devices. Twitter has a character limit of 280 characters making it a perfect way to make both small and big announcements about a project.

  • 2. Retweet and Quote Tweet. These are ways to repost a message from a user. Retweets can be a powerful tool for cryptocurrency projects to spread its reach. One retweet from an influential person in the crypto space could bring thousands of new supporters. Another way to share content and add value is by quoting a tweet and providing your own thoughts on top of the original tweet. Either way, both are good in building communities on Twitter.

  • 3. Hashtag. A hashtag is a method used to classify and categorize topics or posts with the use of the "#" character followed by a keyword. Using a hashtag is effective in searching for topics or starting a conversation as they are easily found when used with hashtags.

  • 4. Real-Time Reply, Retweet, and Like Counts. Twitter users can now watch the engagement numbers real-time within the app, instead of refreshing and reloading tweets.

  • 5. Pinned Tweet. This is a tool that will help in highlighting the particular tweet to promote it more effectively. For a crypto project, this is the place to show people what you are all about or share the latest update about the project to get the maximum exposure of it.

  • 6. Threads. A thread is a series of connected tweets that allows the user to connect multiple tweets together. Each of the tweets stand alone but with the thread, it can strengthen the whole message. Using Twitter threads in promoting the project would help in building excitement and in conveying the narrative of what the project is all about by encouraging them to read every tweet or post.

3 Solid Key Points Twitter Does That Make Your Crypto Project Successful

Twitter is where people come to discover and to be updated on what is happening in the world. That is why it is highly recommended that a project like ICOs or crypto-related projects establishing brands should utilize the channel in amplifying their cause. Here are some of the effective ways to use Twitter for ICO marketing:

1. Virality

Twitter’s edge among other social media platforms is its real-time delivery of content. Information can circulate around Twitter very fast. Cryptocurrency projects, especially those who are just starting can greatly benefit from this feature.

2. Cross-Channel Marketing

Twitter has been used as an advertising platform for different industries. It is integrated with other social media platforms, thus, cross-channel marketing is easier. Announcements on Twitter can be cross-posted to Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc. instantly.

3. Exposure

Being a public website means that almost anyone can sign up and view what a specific person/organization has said since they joined the site. Politicians, celebrities, big and small organizations, and regular people on Twitter give cryptocurrency projects its much-needed exposure.

Best Practices Big Blockchain Companies Do in Twitter That Make Them Stand Out

Having a clear Twitter marketing strategy beforehand and planning it ahead of time could save you from being lost in the crypto space and disconnected with your crypto community. Here are some of the steps that are commonly used to promote a crypto project on Twitter. Following these would help you big time.

Build Your Community from the Ground up with Twitter

Setting up a Twitter account for crypto-related projects is a huge leap to acquire a larger number of audiences, provide a room for real-time announcements and updates, and increase brand awareness by directly connecting with the followers. These can be easily achieved by devising a content marketing calendar that will serve as a guide and structure for all the marketing strategies that will be carried out.

Aside from that, it is important to build a solid community to gain loyal supporters. Some of the tips in building community and increasing engagement in the community includes creating a Twitter list which is a great way to segment the followers based on the common interests or topics that are pertinent to the project. A private list created for those who like, comment, or retweet posts should constantly be engaged with to establish consistent connection with these people.

Another recommendation is following crypto influencers within the target market that have a high amount of followers and more importantly, with high engagement. It is important to build the kind of connections that will encourage meaningful communication, not just for the sake of increasing the numbers of followers. With Twitter’s real-time feature, using it as a quick, direct customer service interaction and resolution means being responsive and adds to the level of transparency to the project.

Using hashtags is effective in starting a conversation but there is a limitation for the number of hashtags (#) per tweet. It should not be overdone because it appears messy. Also, arranging posts regularly for 3–4 times a day is another way to establish presence and activeness in the platform. The use of images and tagging the relevant people in the post when tweeting, mentioning organizations/people who are related to the project is also effective to reach other people. Always link all social media accounts, channels for cross-channel marketing in the main channel to drive traffic from Twitter. The goal is to create the viral effect on the content produced by the official channel.

Create Possibilities with Effective Marketing on Twitter

Having a well-crafted strategy is important to meet the organization's goals. Not having a clear plan for using the channel will just be a waste of time and money. So to successfully utilize the channel, it is important to have a clear definition of success and to set goals. For a crypto-related project, one of the goals is to reach a wider audience and to get leads.

Since Twitter gives access to real-time updates of what’s going on within the industry, joining in relevant conversations would add more value in the community. It’s important that the marketing strategy is up to date. Having regular communication with followers would increase the impact on the followers and new followers. Also, the channel provides a timely customer service that will quickly and easily respond to the people. Being transparent will help in building a good reputation and a strong relationship.

Twitter, with its wide array of users, has a really great potential for a project to be noticed by potential customers, investors, and influencers which is a big factor in raising the reputation of the profile and the connection. However, Twitter banned crypto advertising including ICOs, token sale, and cryptocurrency wallets globally as part of the safety precautions for the users.


To wrap things up, if you want to tell the world what’s happening with your crypto project, Twitter is the to-go place to do just that. With one hashtag, retweet, and like, your crypto project could go viral in a second, real-time with strategic marketing activities.

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